Adult Kung Fu

Ages 16 & up.
Kung Fu is a demanding and high impact martial art. Classes teach flexibility, strength, core fitness and balance as a framework for growth into the external arts of lau kune do. You will learn empty hand forms, weapons training, full body conditioning, empty hand sparring as well as access to Taoist breathing and power techniques.

Wing Chun has the largest influence on the Lau Kune Do System. This fact will place much of your focus on close range fighting skills, sensitivity, speed, trapping and multiple angles of attack and defense. Power generation, energy conservation and economy of motion are all skills you will attain over time training here. Wing Chun Kung Fu is a straight forward and economized way to defend yourself in a life and death situation,with the focus and intent on getting maximum results with the least amount of effort.

With a focus on mind, body and spirit in your day to day training, you will learn all the areas needed to become proficient over time in the combat arts of Chinese Kung Fu. Students develop concentration, discipline, and self-defense skills. With time, the beauty and power of this training will improve every area of your daily life and make what is weak, strong...and what is good, great.

Training Equipment

Training devices such as the wooden dummy have been used by China's Shaolin Temple fighting monks for more than 2,000 years. Practice is the key to mastery in any martial art. Execution of thousands of strikes, kicks and blocks against a partner is the key to integrating the strategies and techniques in such a way that they become second nature. However, live partners are not always available. So the next best thing, of course, would be a stand-in - and that's where the wooden dummy comes in for the practice necessary for mastering kung fu techniques. The temple also is equippped with Hanging Bags, Padded Mats, and and all other tools neccessary for teaching the arts of Lau Kune Do.