The Sifu

In traditional Chinese martial arts, the teacher is referred to as "Sifu" or "father teacher".  The Sifu views his role in much greater depth than what most assume to mean "master" and carries a much greater focus on the care and advancement of the student as a whole person, a family member, and not simply improving their physical skill in the martial arts.

Sifu Harder

Sifu Harder began his search in martial arts training as a teenager in Minnesota where I studied Tai Kwan Do, shortly after he moved to Mammoth Lakes and continued to train invarious martial arts.

He met Grand Master Tsim, founder of the Lau Kune Do system in 1986 and have continued to train with Grand Master Tsim ever since. William became certified to teach Lau Kune Do in 1990 and started teaching in Mammoth in 1991. He became a teacher because he has a desire to share the beliefs and values that martial arts training have to offer.